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Need new Siding Omaha?

If you are interested in wood siding replacement with wood , steel or vinyl siding in the Omaha and Council Bluffs here are some tips on choosing exterior siding from someone who started putting siding on in 1973 .

Thinking of giving your home a new look ? Or you need to fix, repair , or Replace your Mastic Vinyl Sidingold wood siding or press board , Steel or Vinyl Siding . Different Siding materials offer advantages and cost considerations that will determine which will work best for your project . Associated Siding & Remodeling has decades of experience in siding installation , maintenance and repair of all types of Siding . Wood Siding Replacement and press board   Siding Replacement are options to repair the damaged or rotten areas of your home . Clear Red Cedar material is very expensive now days so whole house replacement is very costly . Vinyl Siding is the most popular siding material available due to reasonable cost , low maintenance and numerous color and style options . Mastic Vinyl Siding and Royal Vinyl Siding are excellent products we have used for years with great results . Design options such as Mastic Cedar Discovery Selection , Vinyl Window Mantels and Vinyl  Door Surrounds can make your home unique . Colonial style Vinyl Shutters Traditional style Louvered Shutters are available in numerous colors and sizes . Today’s Vinyl Siding offers many choices from color and texture, to Panel profile, size and length . Mastic Quest Panel comes in 25’6 lengths as does the Royal Woodland Siding Panel. Many Omaha home owners like having far fewer overlaps or seams with their new longer Vinyl Siding . Another advantage that goes along with your new Vinyl Siding is the Foam Insulation that normally accompanies your new Siding . We can help you choose the type of insulation that works the best with your home and your type of siding . On older homes Vapor Entrapment can be an issue if you use a foam that is a vapor barrier and it blocks the moisture from escaping from the inside of the home through Plaster or drywall with no plastic behind it . Foam insulation that is glued to the back of Vinyl Siding is a bad idea . Vinyl Siding and Foam insulation do not expand and contract at the same rate .  I have Steel Siding on my house . It has been on my house for 25 years . It looks like it did the day I put it on ! It has survived 2 Hail Storms where the neighbors Vinyl Siding had to be replaced and my Roofing , Guttering and Aluminum Trim had to be replaced . ( Steel Siding is Tough Stuff ) If the finish ever goes bad , the manufacturer  of Revere will Replace the Siding paying for material and labor . Steel Siding expands and contracts very little compared to Vinyl Siding . So you do not hear little noises as your siding slides back and forth as it grows and shrinks .

The cost of Steel Siding is about 60 to 70 % higher than Vinyl unless you get the expensive Vinyl Siding with the foam glued to it . Revere Steel Siding comes in 12’6″ lengths . The longer Vinyl Siding panels have been a game changer on the Steel or Vinyl for my house choice . People do not like seams in the siding . So Vinyl Siding has a lower cost and less seams .  I would be happy to help you when you are Choosing Exterior Siding for your home in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area  and we would be happy to Install any product you might choose .

Mastic Vinyl Siding in Elkorn

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