Need a New Roof Omaha / Lincoln, NE?

Need a New Roof Omaha Or Lincoln Home Owner?

How about a Better Roof a New Roof that is properly Installed by Professional Roof Installers.We have over 40 years of experience Installing new roofs in the Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska Metro area. We are your Local Roofing Contractor.

Pella Windows and Doors and Mastic Vinyl Siding and a new roof Omaha

Need a New Roof Omaha?

So what makes a better New Roof Omaha / Lincoln? We always use a Quality name brand roofing Shingle with a Great Warranty. Roofing Shingles are for keeping the water out of your home. And trusted brands such as Tamko, Owens Corning and GAF are excellent proven performance roofing Shingles for a new roof. They are big Name Brand Companies and they stand behind there warranties. the warranties cover things such as material and labor to repair or replace your roof. Thirty years ago three tab shingles were the only roofing shingle choice available for roofing contractors, and the color selection was pretty limited and not very exiting compared to the Many different roofing shingle colors and profile shapes and sizes to choose from for a new roof today.

Laminated shingle roofing material such as Tamko Heritage, GAF Timberline and Owens Corning are the most popular roofing shingles today. The design of the laminated shingles is far superior to the old three tab shingles, They just built a better mouse trap with the laminated shingle due to an extra layer of shingle material that provides the wood shingle or shake look and doubles the thickness of a lot of the roofing shingle.

Insurance companies prefer laminated shingles because they are less susceptible to hail damage. A solid tar adhesion strip in a better location, no cut out strips like on three tab shingles and a better wind resistance rating, resulting in a better shingle all around.

Associated Siding & Remodeling of Omaha installs all types of roofing and today’s shingle choices are numerous. Red cedar wood shingles, Presidential style shingles, Hail resistant shingles, color shaded shingles, and solar shingles are just a few of the many design options available to fit your new roof  needs. Our products page is a great place to connect to our suppliers web sites to see what type of shingle you might like for your new roof. The layer of felt paper and ice and Water shield installed under the shingles is what prevents water leakage and costly roof repairs Felt paper underlayment comes in either 15lb or 30lb thickness.

When We Install a new roof we always use the 30lb Felt Paper its thicker, Ice and water shield helps prevent ice dam backup water damage and is a code requirement for a New Roof Omaha and Lincoln. We use the Ice and Water Shield to line the Valley flashing and cover the hips and ridges to upgrade to a more effective water shedding system resulting in a better new roof able withstand the Nebraska weather challenges.

Our color coordinated accessory system for a new roof consisting of matching valley flashing, style D drip edge, gutter flashing, turtle vents and the stacks painted to match will make your roof look like a show piece with definite curb appeal and a higher return on your investment at resale. Factory Painted surfaces are protected from rust unlike the mill finish galvanized metal option and are unaffected by cedar wood shingles typical corrosive properties towards galvanized metal.

An attic ventilation system that works properly makes for a Better new roof and is very important to prevent excess moisture build up resulting in rotten wood sheeting melting water dripping on your attic insulation or worse due to condensation gathering on the roof rafters and melting as it warms up. Proper air flow through the vents in the overhang must be present so such things as an added number of passive turtle vents, electric fan vents, full length ridge vents, wind turbines plan on getting on your roof to put a close pin on your wind turbines to stop them from turning in the winter unless you want them drawing in cold air or the gable vents of yesteryear can be utilized to insure a properly working attic and roof ventilation system for your home. We have over 40 years experience working with various age houses and we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation with one of our roof specialists to get your roof ventilation system working at it’s best level of efficiency. The areas on a roof around the Valley Flashing are the most prone to leak water. We will install 24″ valley flashing that will make these areas less likely to become a problem and the proper installation of a new roof underlayment system will make the roof water tight. Our experienced roofing installers will complete the roof on time and on budget using the best building techniques to make it a better roof. We are your Omaha Roofing contractor.

So If you need a new roof in the Omaha or Lincoln Metro Area we will strive to make sure your new roof is done in the proper manner to make it a better roof and a better value for your investment and an enjoyable home improvement experience. Call Associated Siding and Remodeling today and schedule a free Roof Replacement estimate at 402-680-5412

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