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In 1974 a guy I had worked with cooking lobsters a few years earlier asked me if
I wanted a job putting Vinyl siding on houses . He was working for his uncle who
had been given the exclusive franchise to sell Mastic brand Vinyl siding in Omaha
. At the time Mastic was really a big change for the better . The vinyl siding
before that time looked like aluminum siding someone decided to make out of vinyl
.It was real brittle and when you locked it in place it had a design that did not
let it come back unlocked which was nice as long as you never wanted to take a
piece back off and replace it . And if you even looked at it funny it would break
or get a hole in it cause it was brittle . Mastics patented T- Lock design was a
game changer in that it was very pliable and you could look and unlock the pieces
and they were able to slide back and forth without binding as they grew and
shrunk due to expansion and contraction . When Vinyl siding gets hot it grows .
when it gets cold it shrinks .

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We were at that time trained by the factory people
how to put their Vinyl siding on . At the time there were probably not more than
8 crews of 2 or 3 people putting on vinyl . So we learned to position nail to
cause the siding to stay where we position nailed it and make it expand the way
we wanted it to go . To nail the siding loose so it is able to move and does not
follow the humps and bumps in a wall . To not use a level to start siding cause
houses sink and are not level after settling for 20 years . Over the last 41
years I have been putting siding on I don’t often find any installers that have a
clue what a position nail is . Some do . The guy that teaches siding at metro
tech does because he learned how from me . So now we can talk about insulation .
In 74 we were using fiber board drop in backing behind mostly 8″ siding . About
1976 they started making 3/8 thick white bead board foam drop in backing . They
did not call it hail guard foam at the time . We also used real foil faced paper
( pre foam era ) and the foam . I would put 1/4 inch fan fold with a foil face
with 3/8 drop in foam . Then came the 80’s and we got 3/4 ” Dow foam 2×8 tong &
groove , 4×8 sheets Celotex  foil faced both sides , high r-value stuff . Nice
flat surface to hang your siding on . Let it slide back and forth nice . Bye Bye
drop in backing . Fast forward to 2001 . Drop in backing has come back described
as a hail guard foam system contoured foam backing following the shape of your
siding . Even the corner posts have a foam insert backing . Did I mention that
have replaced a lot of Vinyl  siding on a lot of houses because of hail damage
and as far as I can tell drop in backing makes the siding more vulnerable to hail
damage . I did a house by Blair this July that had holes all in the same location
on the pieces , where the siding bent up and pointed towards the sky . The reason
I do not like the drop in foam is it makes a lot of noise when your 25’6 long
pieces of siding are sliding back and forth all day everyday  and you can hear
the foam and siding scraping together . And you normally have a lower R-value
especially a system R-value . They make siding that has the foam glued to the
back of the siding . Over the years I have heard we got new glue and it is going
to work this time . Unless they can figure out how to get the foam and the siding
to grow and shrink at the same rate which they can’t it will never work . I just
ordered the siding for a warranty claim on that type of siding last week so we
can remove and replace the siding because after seven years the foam is not stuck
to the siding any more . I just do not like to see people pay more money for
these systems that may be cool sounding story that may not work so well . I must
say that if you are wanting to have whatever kind of insulation system you would
like I know where to buy the material and would be happy to take care of your
project .

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