We Repair Replace Hail Damaged Roofs

Hail Damage has been a common occurrence in the Omaha Council Bluffs Metro Area the last few years.

Hail isn’t that picky as the people with a roof in Council Bluffs or Blair will tell you. Not all parts of Omaha and the surrounding area got hit by the Damaging Hail. So how do you know if your home sustained damage from the storm? If some of your neighbors roofs are being replaced it might be time to call your Insurance Carrier and ask them to inspect your roof. Better option would be to call us we are a  reputable licensed local contractor from the Omaha Local Metro area and get a free roof inspection to determine if there is damage before you ope a claim with your insurance company which will go into your file.

Hail Damage Omaha Associated Siding Co

If you call the Insurance company first they may recommend a contractor of THEIR CHOICE to help you complete your roof repair. It is because they save money. If the Insurance adjuster that works for the insurance company inspects the damage and recommends replacing the west wall of the house ( with a color can not be matched ) and just re-roofing
the west end of the roof ( that will not match ) THEIR CHOICE will do what the adjuster recommends because they like being a vendor for the Insurance Company, and
they don’t want to rock the boat, and they don’t want to take the time and effort it takes to get the siding on the whole house replaced and get the entire roof replaced. We are a local company that will work directly with the adjuster assigned to your claim, on YOUR BEHALF, to fix your roof, siding, aluminum guttering and downspouts, windows and aluminum trim to restore your home to pre-storm condition.

Associated Siding & Remodeling of Omaha would like to be the contractor you chose to take care of the entire scope of your insurance claim. When hail storms the magnitude of the ones that hit Omaha the last few years come along so do the hail chasers.

If someone knocks on your door and maybe tells you they will fix you up and ……… If they are in the next town that has hail damage when you need something fixed because it leaks or fell off you might have trouble with “service after the sale”. It is possible that if you hire the out of town roofing company, THEY MAY BE OUT OF TOWN when you need your roof leak repaired. The homeowners in the Omaha area have come to expect the roofing companies to take care of all the damage caused by the storm. So now the companies that just did roofs 5 years ago, now are trying to replace siding, install new windows, refinish decks, replace aluminum guttering, trim fascia and window wraps and paint as needed.

Associated Siding & Remodeling has offered all these services for 40 years and we will take you for a ride in the car and give you a tour of homes with these types of hail damage that we repaired. After you find a reputable roofing and exterior restoration contractor it will be time to choose best suited for your home and budget within the scope of the insurance claim. You to pay extra to upgrade to a better quality shingle, thicker felt paper, a better roof ventilation system, more ice block membrane , bigger guttering and downspouts. color coordinated painted valleys, style D drip edge, gutter flashing, turtle vents and stacks will give your home a touch of class.

What kind of roofing material should you put on your new roof ? Red Cedar Wood Shingles, Tamko Heritage Laminated Shingles, Owens Corning TRU Definition Shingles or GAF Timberline Shingles. Major brands are a good choice If you use a major brand of roofing material you will have a warranty that they stand behind and if you need some shingles to make a repair in a few years you should be able to get them. Some times the choice determined by a color that you Like. 3-tab shingles seem to be disappearing, replaced by the laminated shingles that look more like a shake roof and are much tougher when it comes to hail or wind. What is under your shingles is what keeps the water out. 15 lb felt paper is the normal application. When my roof gets re-done it gets 30 lb felt paper because it is thicker and thus better. Ice and water shield membrane is required 18″ back from the top of the house wall as code in Douglas County. It glues itself to the sheeting and seals around the nails to prevent water leakage in the crucial areas. So even if you have a ice dam and the water gathers on your roof like a lake it won’t leak under the glued down membrane or through the nail holes. Ice block on both sides of the valley flashing makes the valleys water tight. Style D drip edge has become a normal component of a new roof now days. It gives the gable edges a finished appearance and prevents water leakage. Skylights are present on more of the newer homes these days and it is a good idea to install a good quality skylight. If you choose a cheap plastic bubble type of skylight and it is 3:30 AM and the hail just came through your skylight and it is now raining on your bed and you are gathering up your garbage bags and duct tape and ladders to get up on your roof in the rain and lightning (True Story), that extra 200-300 Dollars that Velux Skylight would cost might sound like a good idea. Call Us Today and let us help you get your Omaha area Roof Done Right.

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