Why Revere Steel Siding in Omaha is a Good Idea

AssSteelsiding overhang 

This is D-4″ Cedarwood Finish Revere Steel siding Installed by Associated Siding & Remodeling of Omaha Nebraska. The Insulation under the Siding Is 3/4″ Dow Tongue & Groove 4×8′ Sheets with Foil Paper under the Foam ( Real Aluminum Foil has Very Impressive Reflective Properties bouncing the heat and cold back outside where they belong ). The ( SILLY ) Trend With Vinyl Siding in Omaha is to put Hail Guard Foam to Keep Hail From Breaking Holes in the Vinyl Siding . With Steel Siding the Type of  Foam Insulation under your New Siding is not an Issue. In a Storm Damage Situation The Extra Protection Provided by the Strength of Revere Steel Siding Compared to Any Vinyl Siding is a PLUS for Steel Siding.  The Overhang on this Omaha Millard Area Home is Covered with Double 4″ Revere Steel Siding with Painted Steel Screened Air Vents ( no bugs with screens ) and the Soffit Area Color matches the siding (Revere Cedarwood Steel Siding has a Unique Color ; Cedarwood Siding has a No Fade Warranty and it has a Kynar Finish Which Works ) . This Revere Steel siding on My Omaha Home is 25 years Old , Looks Like the Day I Put it On , and if the Paint Peels Off , I will get all New Siding Free. The material and labor Costs will be Covered by the warranty. Revere Steel Siding has a Hail Damage Warranty. Your Homeowners Insurance will normally Fix the Hail Damage so your Covered both ways. In My 40 Years as an Omaha Siding Contractor it has been RARE to See or Repair Hail Damage to Steel Siding. ( The baseball Size Hailstorms in Carter Lake and Council Bluffs and North Omaha and Blair got the job done )  Is Steel Siding Worth the Extra Money ? This is My House . It was Worth It to Me ! Revere Steel Siding Also has a “Superguard” Finish that is More of a Vinyl Coating . Revere Cedarwood Steel Siding has a Computer Generated Fluorolcarbon Finish That Makes Each Piece Unique. ( No Repeating Pattern like some Brands of Siding ). Revere Also has a Newer Finish called Revere Permashield Steel Siding That Comes in Solid Colors like the Supergaurd Steel with a Kynar Coating that sounds Similiar to the Cedarwwod Steel Siding. New Vinyl Siding for your Omaha Home is most common Material we Install Because of Cost and the Availabilty of 25’6″ Long and Longer Lengths of Vinyl Siding in Omaha. But if your thinking of Paying a Premium Price For Vinyl Siding with the Foam Glued to the Back, Revere Steel Siding in Omaha IS A GOOD IDEA. Call Today and we can Take a Drive and Look at the Options to See what will be the best type of Siding for your Home and Your Budget.      

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