Looking to remodel Your Omaha Home ? Associated Siding and Remodeling Is a Licensed Contractor able to take care of any home improvement project that you may be considering from Siding, Windows and Roofs, to Beautiful Black Lacquer Finish, Mirrored back, Cut Glass Door, Butler Cabinets and everything in between.

stairway Part of a Remodeling Prodject associated siding and remodelingWhen it comes time to look for a contractor to help you complete your Remodeling Project, it is becoming ever more Important to choose a Licensed Contractor. Over the last 5 years most of the cities have adopted rules that require companies to possess a Contractors License in order to obtain a building Permit.

If you hire a company to do a Kitchen Renovation and they Demolish your existing Kitchen and the building inspector stops by finds out that no Permit has been pulled for the Job, You and the Contractor have a Big Problem. The city will stop the work on the job until a permit is granted. Only one company world wide administers the tests that are given to determine weather or not the test taker is knowledgeable enough about the subject to be given a passing grade and thus able to obtain a Contractors License. The Wait to take the test is normally 4 – 6 weeks and if you fail the test you lose the 100 dollars it costs to take the test and reschedule for 6 weeks later to try again. I butler cabinetwas lucky enough to pass the D Contractor test the first time I took it . I studied the book, I had 35 years experience in the field and I used the book of someone who failed the test 3 or 4 times so he had some good notes that were very helpful. The D Contractor classification means I can do all types of building projects pertaining to the home. The City of Omaha will give you a Roofing and Siding License without passing a test. But if you want to install windows, build decks or renovate kitchens and bathrooms and build additions you must pass what amounts to a building inspector test demonstrating an understanding of the Building Codes requirements involved various construction Projects.

If you are hiring someone to build a deck or do a roof, if they do not meet Code requirements such as footing depths and Councilbluffs Tamko Roofice and water shield water proof membrane guidelines they can not only run afoul of the inspectors but will not be doing things as they should be done. If you hire a contractor to do your kitchen and they tear it up and get caught with no permit and no license you could be waiting a long time for them to be able to come back and finish your job 6 weeks + 4 weeks or more if they do not pass the test 1st time gets pretty scary unless you like stuff you can make in the toaster in the living room. But hey I remember how much we enjoyed cooking food in the crock pot on the bathroom counter and having all the stuff from the kitchen in the living room. Not!  Call today for a Free Estimate


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