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If you believe you have roof damage, roof shingle damage, roof vents damage or siding damage from hail or wind and need to file an insurance claim, please contact us at Associated Siding and Remodeling. Your Local Omaha Roofing contractor          (402) 896-8012         For a free roof damage inspection.              If your roof has storm damage, you should call your insurance agent to start a roofing damage claim .

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An insurance adjuster will then visit your home and inspect your roof.   ASR is experienced with meeting with insurance adjusters. We are highly qualified to meet with your adjuster to work out the details of your home’s damage.

The Insurance adjusters will look for signs of roof damage, roof vent damage, roof seems damage, hail damage or wind damage, such as holes in the roof, missing shingles, split and cracked wood shingles or broken wooden roofing shingles. If you have asphalt shingles, look for dents or bruises.  Loose granules often precede more serious problems. You will sometimes notice the granules coming out of your downspouts. Storm damages can be the cause of future problems including accelerated roof deterioration, leaking, water damage or flooding, mold and structural issues.

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