Revere Steel siding Omaha

Steel Vs Cement Board Siding

Is cement board better than Steel siding?           I have Revere Steel siding on my house.

Revere Steel siding Associated Siding Omaha It has been on my house for 27 years and it looks like it did the day I put it on. The color of the siding has not faded (Revere Cedar wood finish steel siding has a no fade warranty that really works) and it has been through three hail storms involving roofing hail damage replacement and seamless aluminum guttering and aluminum window and door trim replacement and deck refinishing but no damage to the steel siding.

If the finish fails or peals off, I have a lifetime material and labor warranty that will pay to replace the siding for as long as I own the home. Steel siding grows and shrinks very little because metal siding is more stable than Vinyl siding or cement siding and it expands maybe 1/8″ for a 12′ 6″ piece vs Vinyl about 3/4″ or 1″ and cement board (any movement is bad). So steel siding doesn’t slide back and forth all over the place making popping and sliding type noises and exposing the original color behind the vinyl seam when it is cold or in the case of cement board siding
having gaps opening and closing that won’t hold caulking.

Revere Steel siding OmahaSteel siding can sustain hail damage in a bad hail storm and it will become dented while the house next door with Vinyl siding looks like someone shot it with a machine gun shredding the Vinyl siding and the house next door with cement board may get chunks busted off here and there. In the case of wind borne objects such as a tornado might produce, a house wrapped in steel siding vs Vinyl siding is a lot tougher. Steel siding in Omaha is
somewhat more expensive than Vinyl siding and somewhat less expensive than cement board siding in a siding replacement situation, but it’s durability and color stability and the tendency to hold it’s shape and appearance even if you put the grill next to it and try to melt it (don’t try this at Home with vinyl siding) makes Steel siding the obvious choice for the better Siding product choice for your home.

I have been installing siding for 40 years and I would be happy to put Vinyl Siding, Cement Board siding, wood siding, aluminum siding, pressed board siding, any type you may be interested in because they are all good products, but my house will always be done with Steel siding from Revere.

Please call or contact us at Associated Siding & Remodeling in Omaha Ne and let us help you figure out what the best siding will be
for your home.