Omaha Vinyl Siding Company

With over 40 years experience we stand out among Omaha Vinyl Siding Companies and Omaha Siding Contractors.

We Specialize in Vinyl Siding installation and Vinyl Siding repair in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area.

Associated Siding & Remodeling is a Mastic Vinyl siding preferred contractor and a Royal Vinyl siding preferred builder and we are recommended on their web sites.
For new siding in the Omaha area. Associated Siding & Remodeling will use our
expertise to insure a Quality Siding installation that looks great and stands the
test of time. In 1973 the development of Vinyl siding was in it’s infancy.

The Vinyl siding before 1973 was very brittle and had a locking system with poor
performance designed similar to aluminum siding. Once you locked the siding pieces
together they would not come apart which worked great for keeping it on the house
but made removing and replacing the Vinyl siding next to impossible.

The Omaha Siding company I worked for got the exclusive right to sell Mastic Vinyl Siding in Omaha. Just as they invented the T-Lock system that still is in use today. This
allowed the Vinyl siding to slide back and forth freely as it grows and shrinks with
temperature changes and it can be easily removed and reinstalled to complete siding
repairs due to hail damage or melted the siding with the grill damage.

Omaha Pella Windows and Sliding Doors vinyl sidingAt the time the Mastic Vinyl siding manufacturer’s representatives showed the installers how to properly position nail the siding panels to control the directional movement of the expanding and contracting Vinyl siding. The siding panels must be nailed loosely in the middle of the nailing slots to allow for the movement of the siding panels and the foam insulation used. The Siding should not impede the movement of the sliding Vinyl siding not to mention the noise you will hear as the siding slides back and forth grinding on the drop in contoured fit foam for the next 40 years. A flat surface such as 4′ x 8′ sheets of 1/2″ or 3/4″ foam insulation with a reflective aluminum foil face is the perfect fit for a quality siding job. Gluing the foam insulation to the back of the siding like Mastic Structure and some Royal Crane board panels is a very bad idea because foam and siding do not expand and contract at the same rate but we will be happy to replace the siding under the warranty as we have recently on a 7 year old siding job on which we removed and replaced the defective siding that the foam fell off. Take advantage of our 40 years of experience to help you choose the right Vinyl siding and foam insulation combination for your new Vinyl siding in Omaha. The siding color choices and Vinyl siding design options available with todays Vinyl siding are really pretty exiting compared to 1973 when we had about 8 colors to choose from. Our design experts will help you give your home great curb appeal and we can help you make your house a reflection of your tastes using things such as Mastic shake shingle accents, window mantels, shutters and door surrounds for the complete customization of your siding on your Omaha home. Call today for your free Vinyl siding design consultation and free siding estimate in Omaha/ Council Bluffs We repair and replace Vinyl siding in Omaha and we repair and replace hard board and wood siding in Omaha and we specialize in Vinyl Siding hail damage repair and Replacement.

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  1. John Doberman July 15, 2015 at 8:10 PM #

    Pat your Company is the Best. I am so Pleased with the Vinyl Siding you installed on My Home in Millard. Its been 10 Years and Looks just like it did the day you installed it. I am going to have you install some new windows on my home have a Few that I would Like to get an Estimate on.

    • Pat Mohatt July 15, 2015 at 8:14 PM #

      Thanks John Feel free to call me at your Convenience. We have a Nice selection of windows for you to choose from and its been a pleasure working with you. Pat

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